As I’m sippin some pre New Year’s Eve bubbles and looking
back on years gone by, I think this is a great
moment to share some past NYE’s gone wrong.

There’s something about NYE. Everyone around me starts
getting restless about a month before the year comes to an
end. There’s a huge pressure to find THE best party with the
incrowd of the moment, THE best club to drink and twerk, to have
the BEST stories to tell the day after at the office, basically to make the BEST memories possible.

NYE source

Been there, done that. Let me tell you, NYE will NEVER be
your best memoir ever. You know why? Because
you aim too high and it feels forced. Sure, you will have an
awesome time and have fun with your loved ones. But didn’t those spontaneous nights out, when you weren’t wearing your best outfit, make some of your
best stories and memories?

So here’s a little NYE what NOT to do

1. Get drunk, but not TOO drunk. When you had a lil too
much, it’s easy to pick a totally useless fight with someone
you love, usually your BF and you will need him to get your drunk ass home.



2. Don’t hit the club. Your usual spot will ask triple the
entrance fee, drinks not included, so getting shitfaced will
cost you a fortune. House parties at a friend’s
house are a cheaper and much more fun alternative.

3. Don’t spend too much money on the perfect party outfit.
Your Christmas dress or even previous party items, like a festive
top or glitter skirt will do the trick just as fine. Just mix & match,
buy some new accessories and you will have a brand new NYE outfit. Cheaper and much more fun!

4. If you do have plans to go clubbin, make sure to get your
tickets in advance and get in before 12. Earlybird tickets are
most of the time way cheaper and trying to get into any
club or bar after the fireworks have gone off at 12, will leave you
disappointed, because everything will be sold out or too crowded.

5. Never EVER use glitterspray in a can. Sure it will make
you look and feel like Beyonce on steroids, but
that shit will be everywhere at the end of the evening.
I’m talking vacuuming and showering forever and ever and beyond.

That being said, I hope everyone will have the BEST NYE EVER! 😉

Have fun and stay safe darlings!
Cheers to a beautiful and blissful 2016!