If you remember my last post, it was about the partylife
at the tropical island of Curacao. It was a real challenge to find the right and only party at Dushi Korsou, as you can remember there is only one party going on
at night and you have to do some serious FBI work to find the exact location.

Night out 4
As we finally got the hang of the party vibe at Curacao, we
wanted to do some fancy dining & clubbing at jetset club Cabana Beach.
We decided to live on the edge a little and not reserve a table. Because after all, we were on an island and we wanted to
just go with the Caribbean flow, right? FAIL! When we arrived in our cutest cocktail dresses, the place was packed and there was a line to even get in.



After some serious ass kissing, the manager showed us to a lounge
table, where we would have about an hour to eat and leave, before the people who actually did reserve a table popped up.
Mission accomplished, so we sat our fancy bottoms down for
some serious fancy food. But after 5 minutes a pretty rude
waitress showed up and told us we couldn’t sit there, because the area was for lounging purposes only. Wait what? So we got moved to another table, in what was apparently the dining area and got seated on a couch with all three of us in a
row, ‘cosy’ between other people.



We were already kinda bumbed and the horrible attitude of the
staff kinda crushed our happy island moods. Oh well, pretty
soon the food arrived and we could finally eat! They only forgot to
mention that my enchiladas came unprepared and unwrapped,
so I sat there with a boiling hot do-it-yourself-dish on my lab and
I almost burned my hands on the saucepan. At least I managed to not spill guacamole and salsadip all over my white cocktail
dress. Nailed that one! Thank god the real party started after
dinner and Cabana Beach transformed into a cool nightclub with
live music and lot’s of Prosecco bottles to pop. It turned out to be a pretty awesome night after all.

Night out 5
On one of our last nights on the island, my friends and I went to check out this trendy restaurant at a beach club called Papagayo, we wanted to say goodbye to Dushi Korsou in style of course.
The restaurant was located at a beautiful resort with a
view on palmtrees and a swimming pool. Those were also the only things to look at, considering we were the only guests there. Apparently there were two Papagayo restaurants, one on the
resort side and one on the beach side, which was the local hotspot.

We managed to reserve a table now, because we learned
from previous experiences, but of course we reserved a table at the WRONG side of the resort. Gosh! Curacao just wouldn’t let us catch a break. The dinner was lovely though, but it costed
us a fortune. We accidentally chose the most expensive dish
on the menu and forgot to look at the price, as part of our new found island way of living, bad idea! At least the food, ambiance and waiters were nice.



So what have we learned from my Dushi Korsou adventure?
Even though Curacao is a laid back, tropical island, you still need to reserve a table, check the local party guide and have an accurate GPS on your phone to see where you need to be exactly.

Bon Bini Curacao!