If you can recall, my latest post described a pretty rocky road
travelling to Venice, Italy. We got lost, got sweaty and got revenge..
.Since we had only so little time and so much to do and see,
I’ve cramped our 1-day-in-Venice full of touristic hotspots, Italian food
and even a boat trip to Burano, the most colorful island
in the Venetian Lagoon. We wanted to do as many
classic Italian things as possible in 24 hours.

The alarm went of at 7 a.m., which was quite early, hence the fact that we
had one too many cocktails, and a glass of Limoncello (classic Italian thing no.1, check!)
By 10 a.m. we were sailing the Canal Grande in a vaporetto, the local and main transport in downtown Venice.
(classic Italian thing no.2, check!) One famous snapshot after the other lined up, as we sailed underneath the Rialto bridge, gondolas with lovebirds floated by and the sun was showing
her best side. We got off at San Marco square and took a lot of
super touristic photos of the old, colossal and beautiful piazza. (classic Italian thing no.3, check!)

We wandered through romantic alleys, drank wine at the canal
side and I insisted on island hopping to Burano, which is a 40 minute
boat ride from Venice. On the way, by chance, we also saw the
infamous Bridge of Sighs, the view from this bridge was the
last one convicts would see before their imprisonment.
(classic Italian thing no.4, check!) In the meantime I noticed some
lost raindrops falling down, but those were totally welcome, since it was
over 30 degrees and my make up was melting and my bf’s
face was completely soaked with sweat. But we couldn’t be more
proud that we made it downtown super early, took the right vaporetto, already checked off 4 classic Italian
things to do and it wasn’t even 2 p.m. yet! Arrivederci!

Of course it all went downhill from there…  We had just missed the
vaporetto to Burano and had to wait over an hour for the next one.
No worries, I went to get a cappuccino (classic Italian thing no.5, check!
I’m aware that in Italy, it’s frowned upon to drink
cappuccino after 11, but still, check!) and my bf got some
Italian fingerfood, which wasn’t that good, but still super Italian.
We arrived at the island, I was instantly in love with the cute, color
coordinated houses, the small canals and cosy atmosphere.
This island is Instagram heaven, full of photogenic spots
where you can blatantly behave like the ultimate hipster/Instagram model.
Burano is a small fisherman’s town, the houses are painted in
bright colors for the reason that the fishermen could easily find their own home on their way back from sea.

We sat down for lunch, I ate Spaghetti Carbonara. (classic Italian
thing no.6, check!) and my bf had lobster. He was so happy
that his dish was only 9 euro, until the check came and apparently
it was 9 euro for 100 gram, his lobster costed him 40 euro.
Whoops now! In the meantime, the lost raindrops I’ve noticed
earlier had reinforced and it started raining like crazy.
The sky turned dark, the temperature dropped and all of
sudden we were in the middle of a huge thunderstorm.
We ran towards the boat to go back to Venice.
During the boatride the sky
got even darker and the storm created scary waves and water
was splashing inside the boat. It was a little scary, but also kinda
cool and I wanted to take some cool snapshots. Unfortunately my battery had died.

When we safely made it back, the sun was shining as if there
never was a huge thunderstorm. We wandered around some
more and shared a pizza (classic Italian thing no.7, check!)
Even though the rude waiter told us we couldn’t share and we each
had to order our own pizza for some weird reason. Isn’t sharing
food the most romantic thing to do and Venice the city of love?
We also ate ice cream (classic Italian thing no.8, check!).
We both don’t really care for ice cream that much, but we just had to buy it,
because it’s like the most Italian thing to eat, right? I’m still mad that
my bf bought a high-end, roseshaped, chocolate covered
sorbet and I only had a stupid, plain lemon one at the first ice cream stand I saw.


Our Venetian day had almost come to an end and what better
way to say Ciao! than with some more cocktails? We went to
our fav bar, around the corner from our hotel and it wasn’t
until the bartender showed me photos from blown down
trees and busted cars, that I’ve realized how heavy the storm
that day really was. There actually was a tornado and
complete campsites were trashed and people got injured.

I think the rain is haunting me. I go to Disneyland Paris for two
days on my birthday, 2 days of crazy rain. I’m in Venice for 1 day,
a crazy tornado. Last week I went to an outdoor filmfestival, a crazy thunderstorm, and of course rain.

Can we become friends again dear Universe?
I’ve never meant to piss you off!

For my Venice adventure part 3, stay tuned…. it’s still not over…
I’ll be back!