The ocean and me have always been close, besties you might say.
Whether it’s swimming, snorkeling or sailing, I’ve always loved
being in or near the ocean. That been said I won’t claim
that I have the best sea legs ever, but I’ve never ever
become seasick in my life, not even a little bit. It always
had me believing I could be a mermaid, lost at land.
Just like Ariel, only with frizzy, blonde curls, instead
of wavy, red hair. But my whole beliefs got thrown
overboard, almost along with myself and the sandwich
I ate, when I decided to book a catamaran ride in
Tenerife in September. 

Every time I’m on vacay, I get excited to go on a sailing trip. Snorkeling
with dolphins in Egypt, a sunset cruise in Turkey and a cave
sailing trip in Portugal. Just a few trips I did, without throwing up or
getting dizzy. So my dad, bf and I booked us a little catamaran ride,
to spot some whales and drink unlimited sangria on deck.
Sounded like (ocean) music to my ears, I couldn’t wait.
A local booking agency guy told us to book his pirate ship, because a
catamaran would make you supersick. So course, the Ariel in me,
went to do the exact opposite and booked a catamaran ride
with this lady who told us that this catamaran was the smoothest
sail out there. Way better that the pirate ship of that other dude.
I should’ve gotten cautious, when right after we booked, she
send us to the nearest pharmacy to get some motion sickness pills.
But there were no clouds in my coffee and I was ready to rock the hell out of that boat.

After the 1,5 hour busride, we arrived at the harbor of beautiful
Costa Adeje, where our splashy transportation awaited. The catamaran
was huge and fancy and there was Spanish music playing and
a happy captain, that looked somewhat Village People-ish,
with his white-blonde manes and sailor hat. Everything was all good,
I felt like a local fish in the water. The catamaran set sail and off we went!
When we were just 5 minutes off-shore, I noticed this boat was
quite bouncy, like really bouncy. I’ve never experienced such
heavy waves on a boat before. Then again, I had never been on a
catamaran before. I was still having the time of my life though,
sitting on the tip of the deck with a glass of sangria, bouncing up
and down and reenacting the corniest version of Titanic. For that moment,
I really was the king of the world. That moment didn’t last too long,
for I was getting just a tad dizzy. I decided to move to the middle
of the deck and sit next to my father, who didn’t have a care in
the world. “Maybe you should take one of those pills”, he kindly suggested.
Against all my mermaidness,  I did take a pill and ate a
sandwich, hoping I would be ok in a minute. Because you know, I don’t get seasick, ever, period.

But I wasn’t ok and moved even a little bit further away from dad
and bf, until I found myself at the back of the catamaran, feeling
nauseous AF. Luckily I wasn’t the only one feeling not that hot. Almost
everyone inside the boat and the rest of the people sitting at the
back either just threw up or were about to. “do you want a
bag and some water?”, a staff member gently asked. “No, I’m ok”
I answered cocky. He handed me the bag and water anyway
and gave me a “you’re gonna barf any second” look. I must say
I almost did, but somehow managed not to. I really hate throwing up
and every fiber in my body was trying to keep that sandwich
and sangria inside. So I kept it Ariel cool. Amazingly I felt
better after about 15 minutes and I was even just in time to spot the
whales. Score! Too bad that the so called amazing whales were
in fact tiny, baby pilot whales, who looked like dolphins, almost impossible to
see with the naked eye. But either way, we saw us some whales!
And I wasn’t nauseous anymore, hooray! Where was the bar again?

The rest of the day I drank a whole lot of sangria, danced on deck
and even jumped off the back of the catamaran to take a fresh
dip in the Atlantic Ocean. I told you I was a mermaid, didn’t I?
I may have gotten seasick, but I bounced back pretty fast. I
guess the Ariel in me popped up for a brief moment.

In conclusion, even if you never suffer from motion
sickness, always buy the damn pills. They bloody help.

Stay sailing,