Do you ever see people walking around with their phone in their hand,
looking distressed, forehead shining with nervous sweat and looking lost?
Well, I’m one of those people. Not all the time, no, only when I need to find the route to a place I’ve never been before.
Honestly, also when I need to find the route to a place I’ve been already 1 time, maybe 2 times, ok usually also when I’ve been there a lot. I’m just one of
those people who can NEVER follow directions,
or find a place in one time.


It usually takes me an hour to get somewhere other people can be at in 30 minutes.
I don’t know why I’m like this, maybe it’s in my DNA. I’m a very creative person, but I can never find my way in the city I’ve been living in for over 10 years. I think my brain never developed a sense of direction, it did however develop a sense of humor and awesome language skills. That’s why I CAN find my way in a strange country, because I do know how to ask for directions in more than 5 different languages. I can hear you think, why don’t you just use Google Maps?
Well that’s another thing, I can’t read maps, they just don’t

make any sense to me! Those stupid little lines on maps don’t even look a little bit like the roads in real life, it’s like math to me.  (another subject I failed in life) Also that annoying little blue arrow never moves when I walk, or it starts moving when I’ve already walked a mile into the wrong direction. I just can’t! I need directions to use Google Maps.

Luckily I’m not even the worst, when we go shopping, my mom always walks
in the same direction we came from, after leaving the store. But I literally
mean every store, for the entire day. It’s super funny. So I guess I got those wandergenes from my mama, But not all who wander are lost! When on holiday, it comes in handy that I can never find the places I want to visit. You see, this way, I end up in the cutest
little streets, meet new, interesting people and end up
in even more beautiful spots, then
the ones I had planned in the first place. On the contrary my bf can’t stand not knowing where he is or were he is going, which makes our vacations always thrilling and exciting, lol. I always laugh when he frantically asks me,
“but do you know the way?” My answer is usually “No, but we can ask those people for directions
and otherwise we’ll end up somewhere cool, I’m positive”.


This way of travelling has always worked out for me, but it’s not so handy
when I really need to be somewhere on time. Like a job interview, an important
appointment or even just for work. Along the way I’ve learned to plan my trip in advance,
know what to wear on that particular day and have the directions
screenshotted in my phone. I leave the house ahead of time and know
the public transport schedule by head. Still I manage to be late, most of the times. It’s usually something really
silly that makes me late. Like a squirrel was on the train tracks and broke the train.
Or I miss the connection from bus to tram by 10 seconds,
so I have to wait in the pouring rain for half an hour. Or I’m on time for the train and it’s not broken, but I’m in the wrong one. There’s always something! Actually this is why I’ve started my blog in the first place, my friends never believe the weird shit I encounter, that’s why I started to write every strange story down.

Come to think of it, I’ve adapted quite well to my incapability of never knowing
where I am or going. I guess the key is to embrace your quirks and laugh about it, there’s nothing else you can do. Oh except to always keep your phone nearby, just in case you get lost for real
and need to call your mom to come pick you up.



Keep on wandering!