First things first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Lina, but you can also call me Miss Clumsy, Miss Always Late,
Miss Loses Everything and the list goes on and on. Every single day of the 30 years
I’ve walked this lovely planet, something goes wrong. Most of the time,
knock on wood, not so important things, like leaving my favorite shade
of MAC lipstick in my jeans and giving it a good spin in the
washing machine. Or dropping my bike lock into the lake in front of
my house and then having to take the bus, what makes me late for work, again.
These kind of things may never happen to perfect people with perfect
time and life schedules, but they do happen to me, on a daily basis.
I’m basicly Lindsay Lohan in Just my Luck, after the luck.


Now the things listed above are not a national disaster, but losing
about 3 smartphones, 2 pretty wintercoats, 4 sets of housekeys and
2 bikes, in about 1 year, is definitely at the very least a first world
problem! You probably now think
that I’m on the verge of a nervous
breakdown and own a big shelf with self help books. But on the contrary,
suprisingly I’ve accepted my misfortune and I’ve gotten used to having
strange, stupid things happen to
me all the time and I must say it’s
also formed my bubbly personality. Or so I’ve made myself believe

That being said, I AM lucky in the most important things in life,
like having amazing parents, crazy friends and sometimes, with all
the bad luck, just a little breeze of
goodluck blows my way and that’s
what makes me continue fighting my battles. I say, Universe,
challenge accepted! And maybe, just like in the movie, Prince Charming
will come my way to trade luck with me, anyone?


So far the clumsy moments and unfortunate encounters are too
weird and funny not to share with world. So if you want some entertainment,
follow my blog and get ready for some hilarious stories and awkward moments!

Last, but certainly not least, aside from writing, I also have a passion for acting, dancing, modelling and photography.
When you’re done reading my blogposts, take a look at the rest of my site and my work.

Stay tuned.