Being an unfortunate girl means,
of course, having your birthday on Friday the 13th!
2 days ago I was so (un)lucky to celebrate my 25th
(I’m lying) birthday on probably
the most unfortunate day of all days.

I actually didn’t want to leave my house that day,
scared to find 10 black cats on my doorstep, trip
and fall under 3 ladders and then having to run for
my life to escape Jason Voorhees. But since I’ve accepted the challenge the
ironic universe threw at me, I did go outside, because
lunch and shopping is more important than being afraid of Friday the 13th.


I was sipping on a much need cappuccino (goodbye twenties)
with one of my best friends, who is almost just as
unlucky as I am (Double Threat!) and realised actually nothing
has gone wrong that day just yet. The sun was even shining
and it was a beautiful day. WTF? Was the universe secretly letting me enjoy my Friday the 13th birthday? Or was it creating a
masterplan, while laughing evilly (like in the end of Michael Jackon’s Thriller),
trying to lure me into an alley and then having me run over by a riduculously big truck?
This thought gave me an even more eerie feeling, because
now I had to watch my back every minute to see
if the Universe was not around the corner dropping a big ball of unfortunateness on me.



After my birthday lunch, little shopping spree and tapas dinner, I still didn’t fall down, got hit by a truck
or got stabbed by Jason Voorhees. FYE for all you kids born in the 90’s,
Jason Voorhees is the main character and super scary machete murderer
of the 80’s block buster franchise Friday the 13th. At 12 am
I was still alive and apparantly survived my
(un)lucky birthday. I actually had a lovely day! So
maybe Friday the 13th means bad luck for everyone, except my unlucky soul? Maybe because
I receive bad luck 364 days a year, the Universe cut me some slack
and decided I had my share of misfortune for this year? Thanks Universe! ­čÖé

Who am I kidding, yesterday I woke up with a stiff neck
and haven’t been able to move my face ever since.
And the battle continues…