Everyone knows that on the 1st of April, you prank
around and try to fool your friends and family,
cause it’s April Fools Day.
I always love this day, because I enjoy teasing and fooling friends and co-workers.

But this year, April Fool’s Day succeeded in fooling me.
April 1 stole my phone and it wasn’t a joke! On my way to work
I discovered my phone wasn’t in my right pocket as it usually is. I figured I must have left my other half at home.
When the day was done I couldn’t get home faster
to finally be reunited with my precious again. Sad but true,
I’m totally hooked on this little device and kinda suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) , but hey don’t we all?

lost phone milk carton

When I ran through the door to get to the chair I thought
I left it on, horror and fear struck me, my phone wasn’t there!
I searched the whole house for an hour when I realized,
I must have been the victim of HRPT (Horribly Rude Phone Theft),
yes I made that abbreviation up, feel free to use it. I guess
someone took the liberty of stealing my phone out of my jacket
and is now enjoying my great taste in music and totally awesome filtered Instagram pics. Hashtag not cool!


I did all the things you’re supposed to do when your shit
get’s stolen, report to the police, call my phone provider and block my phone and call my insurance. (Yes, unlucky girls MUST
have an insurance for everything). I’m now in peace that
I won’t get my beloved back, but fortunately I will receive
a new device (oh hail phone insurance!) The only crappy thing is that I’ve lost all of my phone numbers, so when
I posted on Facebook if everyone could please pm me their digits, I got this awesome response:

“Lina, that’s a lame April Fool’s Day joke, not buying it!’

I didn’t make a joke dammit! The Universe did though,
guess the jokes on me this year. Just wait until next year Universe,
I’m plotting something good for you…

Kim Kardashian crying