Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
And then sometimes bad outfits happen to good people.

Every day I try to look awesome, well okay at least decent.
Everyone has those days that everything is going your
way and the universe is blessing you with fantastic looking hair,
make up on point and your 6 year old sweater is actually
looking fashionable. Most of the time this happens only
once a month, BUT you’re totally rocking your fabulous self.
Usually on these days you never run into anyone or anything worth noticing your totally awesome aura. It kinda hurts, wasting
a perfectly good outfit/hairdo/face paint on a useless day.

Lisa Kudrow

And then you have those days when in the morning you are
too lazy/late or couldn’t be bothered to look anything like yourself and just blindly grab the first (horrible) outfit out of the closet. Ironically I always look the worst
on what seems to be my best days.

Last year I had one of these days. I’ve always been a HUGE 3T fan,
remember those three handsome nephews of Michael Jackson? They blew up in the nineties
when I was only 12 years old
and last October they were in Amsterdam to perform
and have a meet & greet with their fans. Needless to say I had to be there and after work I rushed to the meet & greet wearing
a pair of ripped jeans (no, not even the hipster kind)
an old sweatshirt with holes in it
(no, not even the fashionable holes) and sneakers. My hair looked like a dishcloth and my
make up had decided to leave my face hours ago.
I was so nervous I almost sweated the shirt of my back,
so no this was definitely NOT my best self to present to my all time favorite boyband.


Of course when I walked in the meet & greet room
and had the chance to talk to all three T’s and take photos
with them, my bad outfit was easily forgotten and
I had the time of my life. But looking back at the photos I’m devastated
I didn’t wear a cute dress, some high heels and well
basically looked like Beyonce. I swear Bee even looks gorgeous on her off days, so not fair!

I guess the only way to solve this First World Problem is to
always, ALWAYS look your best, because you never know who you might run into.


Stay fashionable darlings!