So, we’ve learned so far that unlucky girls
lose their phones, bikes, have their birthdays
on Friday the 13th and wear bad outfits on good
days. So what else is there left to happen when you’re
an unlucky girl? Of course, we lose our ATM card!

I have no idea how it happened, but do we ever really know
where all of our lost stuff ends up? I know for sure that all my
shit just vanishes into thin air. It’s like I have my
own personal Bermuda Triangle hanging around, soaking up all my important belongings.

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The only thing I remember is that one moment I was paying my
lunch at work, still having my ATM card, and at the end of the
day it was gone, to never be found again. I even looked through the trash bins and almost performed a
Downward Facing Dog to look between the computer cables underneath my desk.

The only positive thing that comes with losing the most precious
plastic in your purse, is not being able to shop for at least a week. It hurts for a moment, but in the end it’s for the better.
The local H&M will have a chance to miss me and will be
even happier when I return! But even a simple thing,
like grocery shopping becomes a problem, because you
obviously can’t buy anything without this stupid, little card. No, I never have cash on me.

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In conclusion, losing your ATM card sucks big time.
But hey look at the bright side, you will save money for at least a week, which you can spend even harder when you will finally receive your new card, it’s a win win!
(P.S. I’m totally aware of the lies I’m telling myself)
Until the Universe stops taking my stuff, I will duct tape
all my personal belongings to my body and pray they won’t ever leave me ever again.

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