With the outlook to a well deserved holiday in two weeks,
I feel the need to share some vacay faux-pas with you guys.
The title and crown ‘unlucky girl’, you wear that sucker
24/7, also on holiday. One must wear it with pride and
respect and unfortunately, it can’t be destroyed,
even when one takes it off and tries to crush it until it breaks.



16 and excited I was when my high school friends and
I traveled to the seaside and party town of Holland, Renesse.
My first holiday without my parents, hooray! It was gonna be amazing, adventurous and totally awesome.

It was the first day of holiday fun and time for a perfect
summer beach day. We all ran happily across the street
to get to the ocean, but of course I got overexcited and ran
barefoot and stepped into a big piece of glass. Needless to say that
shit hurt and bled like hell and I couldn’t walk anymore. I had to
go to a local doctor and he glued my skin back together. So far my first vacay was going flawless.



So now my foot was all taped up and I walked with
crutches, but I remember I still made it to the hottest bar to party
hard. Kudos for determination, right? All I could do was sit on a bar stool all night, but I really enjoyed the music and there
was even a guy who liked me and he carried
me all the way home. I did have my damsel in distress act on point!



So far this Holiday Horror story, I have many more to tell, but
I’ll save them for another time…I’m not even gonna say anything
about my upcoming vacation, because I don’t wanna jinx it.
Oh wait, I just did. Oops.

Stay safe lovelies!