Besides being a fulltime unlucky girl, I’m
also a parttime actress/model. I’ve done some
pretty cool stuff, from being on the cover of a magazine to starring in a national TV show.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make a living
of my acting and modelling, yet. I’m still waiting for my Oscar nomination, no not waiting for it, actually working hard for it.

I’ve been going from audition, to audition, for about 10 years now.
And although I’ve had a lot of paid work over the years,
I’m still not where I want to be, that is being a fulltime actress/model.
I know most people would have given up by now, but not me,
I don’t give up. I’m kinda like the Leonardo diCaprio of auditions,
always so close, usually 2nd runner up, but never sealing the deal.
But, just like my hero and favorite actor Leo, I keep on going, I WILL land a big acting gig one day!



About a month ago, I was invited to do casting for a
big, national TV commercial. The part had my name written all over it, ike literally, the name of the role was similar to mine, there was no doubt I would bring that sucker home.
The commercial was for a huge and popular gym, it’s even the one
I go to 4 times a week. The character in the commercial
has a goal to lose 11 lbs, that’s the exact amount I’m still trying to shake of my hips. I mean, like c’mon, I was perfect for this role, more than perfect, I WAS that role!



So of course, I didn’t get it. I was 2nd runner up,
it was between this other girl and me and the client chose here.
I was so disappointed, I almost cried. But then I thought, would
Leo cry? No he wouldn’t, his heart would go on. And so did I,
I moved on. Not really though, because the f*%*ing commercial
is on TV like every 10 minutes, with that other girl. And
the add is on my gym app whenever I want to subscribe for classes, with that other girl. And the add is on the 1000 flyers which are on the front desk of my gym, with that other girl. ARGHHH!
But I will not cry. Even when I think about the huge
amount of money attached to that commercial, which is
making that other girl one happy son of a *%* right now. But I will NOT cry!

I’m convinced the Universe didn’t give me this commercial,
because it has an ever bigger and better role for me in the future,
hopefully this year. In Leo’s own words, ‘I only do this job,
because I love it, not to win prizes’. But not really, I want my freakin prize already, I’ve waited long enough.

Now let’s wait and see if Leo finally gets his Oscar next month,
if not, I’m totally fine with staying the underdog, at least I’ll be in good company.



Enjoy watching the Oscars everyone!