Since Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us
romantic souls in about two weeks,
I decided to share some Valentine’s do’s & don’ts with y’all.

A long time ago, I dated this guy who wasn’t completely
horrible, he just annoyed the living crap outta me. My
birthday is on the 13th of February, one day before that notorious day.
Yes, that means presents and bliss two days in a row!
Except the guy I started dating not long before Valentine’s Day, didn’t really get it. On my birthday he gave me an awful looking blouse, which I think wasn’t even store bought,
but his sister’s or even mother’s. So I was very fearful of what
he would get me for Valentine’s. So there was no doubt I had to dump him, the next day, on Valentine’s Day, over the phone. I stood him and his restaurant reservation up so badly.
I’m not a bitch, just don’t get me crappy, 2nd hand presents. Except vinyl, 2nd hand records are always a good idea.



So I’ve made a little list of what not to buy/do for your bae on Valentine’s Day:

  • Don’t get him/her 2nd hand clothes from the back
    of your lil’ sisters/brothers closet, except when he/she is
    into vintage stuff and it’s a cool, authentic 80’s rockband shirt.
  • On that note, don’t give him/her an old gift that your
    ex got you years ago. You don’t want to infect your fresh
    relationship with bad karma right? Also no one likes 2nd hand eatable thongs. Grose!
  • If you only have been dating your bae for a few
    weeks, don’t go overboard. Anything that says His and
    Hers, a photo shrine or expensive jewelry is off limits. You don’t want to scare off your new lover.
  • Don’t buy him/her useful crap,
    like toiletpaper, a new pen or a warm scarf.
  • Don’t buy him/her useless crap, like flowers, a heart
    made of chocolate or one of those crappy heart shaped photo frames
    with glitter inside.
  • Don’t name a zoo animal after your bae.
    Naming a star after him/her is romantic though.



Original presents are the best, something that suits
the love of your life. Does he/she like to travel? Get him/her a roadmap of
her favorite destination and if you’re loaded,
some plane tickets on the side. Does he/she likes music?
Get him/her a first edition record or cd of her favorite band/artist.
Or concert tickets. Is he/she adventurous? Get him/her a skydiving/helicopter/surfing trip.

There’s so many cool and original stuff you can do together,
make it count, don’t make it corny. Oh and if you want to
be a real hero, surprise your bae on a completely random day,
that’s way better than on this mandatory, so called most romantic day of the year.
Valentine’s Day is overrated anyway 😉

Have an original and lovely
Valentine’s Day everyone!