Ever since I was a little Lina, I dreamed of going to Disneyland.
Because of the awesome rides, Mickey Mouse and Goofy? Sure. But the real reason
I was dying to get to Disneyland Paris was because of one particular 90’s TV commercial, it showed Michael Jackson shooting fire from his hands.
As a lil kid I actually believed Michael lived in
Disneyland and as a major MJ fan since birth, there was no doubt I had to go to Paris.

Lucky me, my uncle took me to Disneyland Paris when
I was about 12 years old, but the Michael Jackson 3D ride, Captain EO, was closed that day. I think I cried a little.

In the years after, Captain EO never left my mind. I did watch the
3D science fiction film on Youtube, but it doesn’t feel the same as actually experiencing the real deal in the original theater with the special effects. So 18 years later I tried again, my friends took me to Disneyland Paris
for my birthday and I was over the moon to finally see my idol in 80’s action.
When I literally ran over to the Captain EO ride, I felt tears well up. It was closed AGAIN.

It’s two years later now and my birthday is coming up this Saturday.
My bf gave me a trip to Disneyland Paris as a gift, yay!
To prepare for any disappointments regarding my favorite ride,
I checked the Disney website to see if Captain EO was not under construction or something during my stay. But I couldn’t find the ride anywhere on the site, so I googled it and the first search
result made my heart stop for a split second. I found out
Captain EO was closed forever since 2015 and will never return
to Disneyland Paris. I almost cried at my office, my childhood dream busted in a thousand sad, little pieces.



So I’m going out on a limb here and I’m asking you,
sweet people of Disneyland Paris, is there any chance that you can open Captain EO for this die hard Michael Jackson fan,
just for a little while? You would make the little girl in me the
happiest birthday girl in the world! It will be my 3rd time
visiting your amazing park, third time lucky right? I know Captain EO is still running in Epcot, Florida, but since I live in
Holland, unfortunately the States are too far away

I know it’s probably a little bit much to ask,
but a girl can dream right? And isn’t Disyland the place where
dreams come true? Could you spread a little magic on me and open the Captain EO doors for me? I think the film is
probably still lying on a dusty shelf somewhere, please help a sad girl out on her birthday this Saturday? I would be forever grateful.

Spread the magic!