Remember when I told you guys my lovely bf had
planned a trip to Disneyland Paris for my
bday last week? I was was super excited and even the 8 hour
busride and the horrible weather forecast (rain all weekend) couldn’t break my spirit.

After a long busride with 3 coughing people around me
and nothing but big drops of rain to see from my window seat,
we finally arrived at our rather fancy hotel. So far so good, the
rain was probably gonna stop any time now. Our super friendly
busdriver  brought us to the park and the magic could begin!
There was hardly any wait for Space Mountain, so that was
the first ride of the trip. Hey, maybe I would even find my
headpiece jewelry I lost 2 years ago while going
on this ride, lol. When we got off, the sun was shining bright and my bday was ready to turn up!


So that sunshine and bliss lasted for about 10 minutes
and then it started raining again and it didn’t stop for
the next 2 days! I’ve honestly never seen that much rain come down on any of my bdays, or any other day to be exact. My shoes, socks and feet were like miniature waterfalls and the rain even
went through my wintercoat and got my sweater wet.
But still, my spirit wasn’t broken, because c’mon, you can’t
be sad at Disneyland right? With such shitty weather,
one might think that the park would be deserted right? Wrong! It was never
busier than that day, it was even more crowded than
2 years ago when I visited with sun and 25 degrees! I guess everyone thought that they would have the park for their own that weekend. I saw a cue for Crush’ Coaster for 180 minutes! That’s insane.

After walking and standing in line for hours in soaking wet clothes and shoes, my spirit had gone from keep it 100 to 100 ways to catch a cold. Thanks god the next day wasn’t as rainy
as the first, it was rainy alright, but we managed
to stay dry, kinda. Luckily we did go on all the best rides and attractions , those were definitely worth the wait and wetness! Oh and the Disneyland people couldn’t re-open Captain EO for me,
even though it was my birthday boohooo, but they did send me a polite e-mail.


I guess I will just have to go to Disneyland
Florida to go see Michael‘s 3D movie there, what a shame 😉

It’s no suprise that after so much cold and rain, I totally
got the flu now and have been sick for over a week. But it was all worth it, I loved every single minute of my trip. But my advise to you, never EVER go to an amusement park in the middle of winter! Because you know, it’s cold and shit.

Stay dry and healthy!