It’s finally here! The first rays of sun, trees in bloom,
flowery dresses and cappuccinos in the park.
Springtime! While for a lot of countries the first day of
spring is one to be celebrated, when living in Holland,
you don’t get to enjoy the perks of spring.
Why not you ask? Well, simply because it’s not here, yet.



Having 4 seasons of different kind of weather isn’t my ideal
way of living, I’d rather have 4 seasons of hot summer fun and some palmtrees on the side. But at least 4 different seasons means having the opportunity to choose different fashion
items every 3 months. And freezing your fanny off in the mean
wintertime will have you extra excited when summer finally shows it’s sunny face.

In Holland, we used to have 4 seasons. But it seems like lately,
there has only been 1 season throughout the year… FALL.
(Thanks global warming) It rains like almost every day, the sky is always grey and it has been cold since September 2015. Even in the summer, your umbrella is your key fashion accessory and
summer dresses don’t always see the light of day.  I didn’t sign up for this climate! I had my hopes up for the first day of spring, but this was my view today.

Doesn’t look like spring to me! I think the Dutch weather is
the reason us Dutchies travel a lot and can be spotted all
over the globe, where it’s sunny. It’s also the reason we hog every
terrace we can, armed in shorts and flip-flops when it’s 12 degrees Celsius
BUT with a tiny ray of sunshine. Hooray! That’s why I have my mind set on finding a fabulous job as a travel-to-tropical-island blogger or better yet, just the tropical island without the job.

I’m saving every penny for a plane ticket to The Bahamas,
but until then I’ll just wait for that first glimpse of sun. After all, there
is something charming about knitted scarfs, hot chocolate
and candlelight while binge watching Making a Murderer when it’s cold outside, right?



At least I’ll have the first day of summer to look forward to…
Hold on summer dresses, better days are coming!

Hang in there Dutchies!