Since my blog is called Lina Against The Universe,
it’s safe to say, I receive my share of bad luck, neatly
spread over 365 days, year after year. But last week, I got a little more though love than I asked for.

My colleague was back from vacay, so I sat beside her and I
asked her about her holiday. While chatting I reached for my cappuccino, but instead of grabbing the handle, I knocked the full cup of steaming hot coffee over. Not only did I burn half my leg, but
I also spread some hot Joe on her desk, computer and to top it off, sprayed some of it on her outfit as well. Whoops.



My day started off great with breaking one of my good glasses.
I’m not a morning person and that’s the understatement of the year. I start becoming a relatively normal, functioning human after about 8 cup of coffees, a smoke and some evil looks at random
people passing by. So the last thing I wanna do before 8 am, is
cleaning up pieces of glass, before I step in one of them and bleed to death. Awesome.

When I looked outside my window, I noticed a serious rainstorm
outside, which I had to conquer to get to work on time. Luckily
the sky cleared up pretty soon, so I got on my bike to do my daily
commute. But what I didn’t see was a huge puddle of water right
next to me and a big truck speeding up. Before I knew it, I saw
a frightening amount of rainwater comin right at me, which left my bike and me soaking wet. I looked around for the cameras and Ashton Kutcher, because that was some classic
‘You’ve been Punk’d‘ shit. Definitely not the best day of the week.



My bf is usually the one who cooks and he clearly has his reasons.
I don’t really enjoy cooking, I only cook because you know, I have to eat. So this evening, I had one job and job only. I had
to put the taco shells in the oven. So I’ve put the taco shells
in the oven. And then I went upstairs to vacuum, I figured my only job was to put the taco’s in the oven, not to take them out again. When my bf asked if the taco’s were ready, I answered with a
confident ‘No’, because the package said they had to warm up
a few minutes longer. I guess I lost track of time while vacuuming,
because instead of nice & crispy, the taco shells were black & totally uneatable. My bf ignored me for hours, because I’d ruined our dinner. Sorry boo!


Since I was kinda having a rough week, I only had one task for the
last day of the week and that was NOT spilling coffee on myself
or others, or any office supplies. Well I even failed that task
within an hour. There was coffee on my shirt, my jeans and
the floor. Nailed it! And the cherry on top was that I managed to
ALMOST ruin my bf’s dinner again. I still had one job and one job only and that was to put the marinate
powder in the bowl with the
chicken. I put it in the bowl with peanut sauce instead. Luckily we were
able to rescue some powder. Well, I can’t be an independent, career woman / freelance actress, part time writer AND
kitchen princess all at once right? But dinner was saved, hooray!

I stayed indoors for the rest of the weekend, it’s just safer for me,
for food and coffee and basically for the rest of the world.
I’m ready for my week without rainclouds now, Universe!

Stay safe!