No offense to any girl (or boy) who loves making pre/after
work-out selfies at the gym, if you got it (or getting there),
flaunt it right? But I’ve never been the kinda ‘#fitgirl’ who feels the need to post her gymsessions.
Because I don’t look hot after doing 20 burpees or 10 clean and presses,
no, I look sweaty, disgusting and tired of life. I admire girls
(and boys) who manage to look like a Pussy Cat Doll after
their CrossFit class. Anyway, the reason for this post, is that I actually
did manage to loose 17 kilo, while looking gross and sweaty
in numerous fitness classes. I didn’t feel the need to post my progress
on social media, but I do want to point out some motivation
killers, after spotting something quite shocking at my local gym.



My 3 body motivation killers

1 Gym staff members who are eating horrible snacks behind the counter.
When I’m entering the gym, fully focused to burn some serious
taco calories, the last thing I want to see is a staff member eating fries, with cheese and garlic sauce on top. Or when I’ve
just finished my killer body work out and I’m hungry AF, the only
thing I want to smell is a nice, #cleaneating salad with some
quinoa maybe, not a big, fat kebab. I’ve witnessed staff
members doing this 3 days in a row and that shit really released
my inner killer instinct. They even smiled at me, while eating it, the nerve! Needless to say, I wanted to set them on fire.



2 Comparing myself to every #instafitgirl on social media.
Those perfectly shot photos of pretty girls with toned abs,
cuddling palm trees and flamingos, while wearing the perfect
Nike Sport ensemble, can really get every girl down. I really have to
remember myself that most of them get paid to look like
that and have sponsored Instagram accounts. Plus the amount of Photoshop needed to look like Malibu Barbie, is insane, I could never look like that. I should’t even want to look like that and neither should you!



3 Feeders. Colleagues at work who keep telling you to eat the pie,
‘Just eat the damn pie, one piece wont hurt you’. YES IT WILL! That’s how I got fat in the first place. Stop making me eat cake.
Please. I’m trying really hard to stick to my ‘diet’, so it’s already
hard to have the discipline to resist all the office temptations,
don’t make it any harder. Or a really sweet BF who’s a great cook,
but doesn’t know the struggle of counting calories and the
urge to ‘oven and coconut oil-cook’ everything. Of course you can’t force your environment to have the same lifestyle that you have, but it helps if they are a little bit considerate and supportive, so your your killer body motivation wont turn into a killer motivation.

Stay focused and SLAY!