No stress! That’s life anthem of the island I just got back from.
My bf and I went to Sal, Cape Verde  for 8 days and it was all that a relaxing vacay should be.
Almost white, bounty beaches, palmtrees and a
turquoise ocean with waves so high, it makes surfers wanna jump their board instantly.

So is this gonna be a perfect, cheesy, holiday story? Of course not!
It’s still me, Lina Against The Universe, we’re talking about. So it’s inevitable
that something bad was gonna happen, even in my 8 day vacation, right?



My bf got sick almost right away. Because it was so tropically
hot in our hotelroom, we left the AC running on freezer mode all night.
I know one should never do that, that’s just a flue waiting to happen, but we forgot to turn it off. Whoops. He also had some
‘good’ old fashioned holiday belly cramps. I on the other hand
was still going strong and bragging to other tourists about how
I didn’t have a care (or cramp) in the world. I should have known
right then, right there, I totally jinxed the hell out of myself and the Universe would come for me any time soon now.

And it did. It hit me so hard, that I’m still sick now, sitting behind my
desk, writing this post vacay story. My bf got better after only 2 days, but I got the whole shitload (literally) for almost a week now. Besides that I have a super cold, I was coughing my lungs
out in my pretty, blue cocktail, on the pretty beach, staring into the beautiful waves. Not cool Universe, not cool.



I’m blaming the water. You can’t drink the tab water at Cape Verde, so they have big waterbottles all through the resort, you can drink from. But that so called filtered water, sometimes tasted
kinda funky, like Clorox. And that water was also used to make our
softdrinks and tropical, all-inclusive cocktails. And all-inclusive
drinks means, binge drinking until someone falls of their chair
or starts dancing the samba all of a sudden. So I guess, I binge drank myself sick and not even because of the alcohol. (ok, maybe a little)

So Cape Verde, I did feel just a tad stressed on your lovely island,
even though your motto is: no stress. However I had a
wonderful time on your warm, sunny, friendly island and we should meet again soon… 🙂




No stress!