It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, the build-up towards binge-watching the Home Alone movies, binge-eating festive foods and binge-couch hoarding has begun.

But with that anticipation, also starts the stress and paranoia to
look your best in that brand-new glitter cocktail dress you bought for the office party or that nerve wrecking dinner party with the parents-in-law.

So how do you make sure, you stack up on a lot of Holiday fun,
instead of a lot of Holiday fat? However,
those New Year’s gym motivations after all the
Christmas food are well intended, but just too little too late.
You need to lose that muffin top, before the actual eating of the muffin even begins, right?

So keep on reading to get started, it’s not too late!

1 A little more water and a little less Eggnog
You might think it’s all the chocolate Christmas cookies and
having seconds (or even thirds) of that delicious turkey is fattening you up.
Well of course that’s not really helping you get in the best shape possible.
But most people seem to forget, that all that Eggnog, Gluhwein and other jolly Christmas beverages are little, evil calorie-devils.

All that sugar and alcohol will blow your (still flat) belly up like a
hot air balloon, faster than you can say ‘bottoms up’.
Try drinking a glass of water in between your alcoholic drinks. Your belly, liver and skin will thank you later. Not to mention it will prevent you from barking out ‘All I want for Christmas‘ too loud and off key in front of the in-laws…



2 Stop making excuses, start exercising!
It’s never too late to get that booty moving. Stop waiting for
January to come around, start today. You don’t even have to sign up for a gym membership, there are lot’s of other and cheaper ways to get that blood pumping.

For example: take the bike to the grocery store, work or your friend’s
house, instead of the car or bus. On your lunch break at work or school, try walking around the block and getting some fresh air,
instead of sitting in the cafeteria, stuffing your face with shitty snacks that don’t even taste good. Put on a salsa tutorial when you’re at home, instead of good old Netflix. Even when you
suck and can’t get the steps down, you’ll burn some calories from laughing your ass off.



3 Go Cinderella on your apartment
It might surprise you, but cleaning actually burns calories.
15 minutes of sweeping the floor, burns 39 calories, turn it up
a notch while getting down on hands and knees and really start scrubbing that baby, it will burn you a good 48 calories. That’s 110 lb of mashed potatoes.

Cleaning your entire house thoroughly burns 204 calories.
Chances are you’ll have company over for Christmas dinner and your house has to be clean anyway, it’s a win win!



But most importantly, have fun!

Happy Holidays.