In exactly 2 days it’s that time of the year again, the most depressing
day of the year is lurking around the corner: Blue Monday. This day was ‘invented’ by British psychologist Cliff Arnall in 2005.

Supposedly on this very Monday, most people feel sad and
depressed.This due to failed New Year’s resolutions, vacations that
are too far in sight, dark and cold winter days and the beginning of a new work week.

The gross population got a serious case of the Monday blues on this particular 1st day of the week.
So instead of focusing on all this negativity, I’m giving you some Blue Monday survival tips below!



How to survive Blue Monday:

1 Stay in bed
The easiest and fastest way to survive Blue Monday, is to bust
your alarm clock, cover your head in blankets and go back to sleep.
The more you’ll sleep, the sooner it will be Tuesday and safe outside again.

2 Play dress up
Go to work dressed up like a clown. Everyone likes clowns, clowns
make people laugh and happy. Make balloon animals for all your
coworkers, everyone loves a good old fashioned balloon dog. On an important side note, some people (I sure am) are super
scared of clowns, I’m positive Stephen King’s 80’s horror movie IT
has something to do with that primal fear. So this might notbe the best idea, it might make Blue Monday even more blue.



3 Let the sun shine
On a more serious note, people need sunlight in their lives. Because of a great lack of sunshine in wintertime, soak up some fake sun instead. Light therapy is supposed to help in times of depression.
Ultraviolet light resets the body’s internal clock and gives
you the vitamin D you need in order to feel happy and healthy.
You can go to special sunlight studios or get your own light therapy lamp.

4 Ticket to the tropics
If you can’t wait until summer to go on a long anticipated trip,
tell your boss you need sunshine in your life and just book a ticket in February to a tropical island with a white beach, wavy palms and turquoise ocean asap. It’s off season, so chances are
vacations are way cheaper than in summer anyway. Treat yourself!

5 New month’s resolutions
Who cares that you couldn’t keep up with your New Year’s resolutions
and failed all your goals already. You can start over every month, so just quit smoking, start eating healthy and going to the gym on February 1. No harm done. Also, it will be nice and quiet at your
local gym, because of all the slackers who are too disappointed in themselves to ever show their face again.



May your coffee be strong and your Blue Monday be short 😉
Hang in there, LinaAgainstTheUniverse is by your side…