When I was running out of inspiration for topics to write about,
my bf suggested that I should write a blogpost
about a more masculine subject.
He thought it would attract more male readers and gain a more diverse audience. Challenge accepted.
He also suggested appropriate topics would be: motorsport,  boxing and high speed cars. Well, I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to these topics and that’s an understatement. I’m also not interested in doing
research for themes I don’t care about, because I always write about stuff I care about. So don’t worry female readers, this post is not gonna include turbo engines or famous boxers. I am gonna write about a topic
everyone loves: male, female, even animals.
It’s FOOD!
Now I doubt a horse will read my blog, *insert forced audience laugh*, but I hope it will appeal to my male readers as well.

I’ve always loved food, but my relationship with it has always been a rocky
road. Up until I blew out 25 candles on my (yummy) birthday cake, I could eat
whatever I want and not gain a single pound. Oh, youth! I’ve actually never been fat,
but as I got a little bit older, my belly
and thighs started to grow. In my case, fat loves to park
in all the wrong places, not in the areas where a little bit more fat is totally welcome. Like for example the boob or ass department. Now, male readers,
don’t stop reading here, I’m going somewhere with this story! So when I got into a relationship with my current bf, not only did I start sleeping with him, I started eating like him. And it all went downhill from there. (not the sleeping part luckily)
It’s true what they say, a couple that stays together, gets fat(ter) together. One day I bought a scale and I was so shocked about the number on the display, I weighed 84 kilo (185 lbs). I even outweighed my bf! And he’s a tall guy with broad shoulders. I was so embarrassed and had a major epiphany right there and then, this had
gone too far.

Photo by Sander Dalhuisen on Unsplash

I immediately subscribed at the local gym and started working out 4 times
a week. I also started to eat healthier and more balanced meals.  Within a year I lost 17 kilo (37 lb) and I had never felt better. So where am I going with this? My bf eats like shit, doesn’t work out and still doesn’t gain any weight.
(well, maybe a little, but not 17 kilo) How is that even possible? Besides my total enviousness, I truly wonder why he can eat all the junkfood and drink every soda he wants and his number on the scale remains the same. Of course his lifestyle is completely
unhealthy and he will probably carry his fat
on the inside. But still I wonder, why can’t men and women eat the same amount of calories? I’ve done a little exploring and below are a few reasons, men and women are totally different species,
when it comes to food intake.

Why you shouldn’t eat like a man

1 Muscles vs. fat
Unfortunately men and women can’t have the same amount of calories per day.
This is due to the fact that men are usually larger than women and they also have more muscles.
Women are more likely to be smaller and have more fat than muscles. I know, not fair right! This is why men need more calories and they also burn calories easier, because the more muscles you have and the taller you are, the faster you lose weight.
Muscles burn more calories than fat. Men can have about 2500 calories a day and women give or take 2000. Boohoo! This amount also depends on how active you are, when you work out a lot,
you should of course increase your calorie intake.

2 Calorie count
If you want to lose weight as a woman ánd also as a man, stop those
ridiculous crash diets. You will lose fat quickly, that’s for sure, but you’ll also lose muscles.
Your body will feast on your carefully build up muscle tissue when it doesn’t get enough calories. You don’t want your hard gym sessions to go to waste right? It’s also not a healthy way to lose
weight and you’ll be very likely to get even fatter,
when you start eating normal again. A balanced way of losing weight is to burn more calories than you use, it’s as simple as that. But don’t exaggerate and reduce your calories to a bare minimal, your body still needs some fuel or else it will shut down. Just keep in mind that you can’t have the same amount of calories as your hubby,
even if you just did the same work out together.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

3 Comfort food
According to research, women tend to snack more when they’re feeling
stressed or sad. We tend to destroy a piece a chocolate or a whole
apple pie in a blink of an eye, whenever we’re down or unhappy. I for one, am
not one of those women, I’d rather devour a bag of cheese onion potato chips or a bucket of chicken nuggets. But that’s a different topic. Men on the other hand, start eating
healthier whenever they’re stressed out. So this is actually one excuse to
DO eat like a man. Join in on those carrots whenever you’re bf is in
a healthy mood and throw that pie in the trash can. Or even better, don’t buy it or that bar of Tony’s in the first place. When there’s no temptation in you cupboard,
you can’t eat it! Easy peasy.

4 Healthy groceries
If you’re in a loving, committed relationship with a man who doesn’t like
healthy food, it’s far more difficult to stay true to your diet. I’m in that kind
of relationship. My bf will eat kebab, french fries, burgers,
candy and potato ships right in front of me and I can tell you, just the smell
of it makes me wanna dig in and go to town on all that yummy FAT. At
moments like that, it takes a lot of discipline (and cravings) to stay
focused on your own food plan. Make sure you always have some healthy snacks in your fridge
who can come to your rescue whenever you need it, like baby cucumbers and snack tomatoes.
Also, I’d never thought I’d be writing about vegetables as a snack, I’m
kinda proud of myself! So, whenever your loved one heads to the kitchen for a
late night fat snack, just think to yourself, he can eat it, I don’t even want it. Men can eat more fatty, salty and sugary snacks than women, before it starts showing. (in their beer bellies) It’s simply because they can eat more calories a day.
Sigh, don’t blame the messenger.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

In conclusion
Stick to your own healthy diet and stop looking at all the shit your man puts
in his mouth. I know it’s hard ladies, but we can do it! Here’s a little light
at the end of the tunnel: when women eat healthy, it will reduce wrinkles, when men do the same, it has no direct effect on their face. So eat that apple and help fight your face against aging! Also, I sure hope my male audience enjoyed reading all of the
above as well, this blogpost is just a confirmation that YES, you are allowed
to eat more and slightly unhealthier. But take notice, you WILL get fat in the end, it just takes more time 😉 Oh and also your
blood pressure will go up and you’ll have a higher risk of a heart attack.
You’re welcome. Other than that, keep on eating Burger King, I hope you’ll enjoy it 😉 So there you have it, a little masculine take on food. This is all I could come up with, maybe in the
future I’ll write about sports cars, who knows.
I did enjoy watching Knight Rider when I was a kid, lol.

Stay healthy guys & gals!
Oh and it’s ok to have a little snack now and then…don’t be too hard in yourself.