Travelling is always more satisfying, when you find a sweet, cheap
holiday deal that includes your hotel, flight and even breakfast.
The spaghetti tasted better, the Italian sun felt warmer and the canals filled
with gondolas looked more romantic. Last week I crossed
off a bucket list city trip: beautiful Venice.

This sweet city of love looked everything like the photos on blogs
and Instagram. Turquoise water, where the classic gondolas with
striped, sailor shirted boatmen, are still cruising couples under
narrow bridges of days gone by.
Massive nostalgic churches,
chapels and other captivating buildings, accompanied by even
more alluring piazzas (town squares) with typical Italian elegance.

My bf and I had a blast, wandering through the dreamy alleys,
sailing the Canal Grande and eating too much pizza,
spaghetti and lobster. But we did pay a price, for paying a low price, on this trip!
Oh did we. Because I love travelling, I planned everything weeks ahead,
for instance how to get from the airport to our luxurious
4 star hotel (we payed for an upgrade). Because we booked
an Ryanair flight, we landed on Treviso, a small airport about
30 km from our hotel. We managed to hop on the
right bus to the hotel, so far so good. The guy who sold
us the bustickets, told us to get off at the 2nd stop, so we did.
Even when I told my bf: “I think this is the stop we’re suppose to get off, ”
and after driving away from the town our hotel was in and onto
the highway, we still trusted the busdriver and waited patiently
until the 2nd stop came up. Stupid idea! The 2nd stop
was the city center of Venice, our hotel was located way outside of
Venice, in Mestre, another town (when paying a low price, you get a lower town).

So now we had to get back from Venice to Mestre and decided to take a busy, local bus with no AC, while it was still about 30 degrees 
outside (and inside). My bf’s face was melting off  and we were both
tired and cranky. This bus took us to the Mestre trainstation, 
so we figured the hotel couldn’t be far anymore. Wrong! 
We turned on Google Maps and walked through dark suburbs 
with fashionable prostitutes located on the sidewalks. It was evening already, 
but still hot AF and I was sweating the sweatpants off my ass, 
dragging my suitcase and backpack along.

I think we’ve walked 
for almost an hour, before we finally reached our 
hotel, which was located at the end the street, with broken neon lights. 
Believe you me, this was no 4 star hotel, not by a long shot! 
While entering the Hotel President (the hotel was definitely 
not worthy of a majestic name like that) we noticed old fashioned,
red curtains, a cranky employee and not another person in sight. The elevators were the tiniest I’ve ever seen and the empty and
dark hallways reminded me of Stephen Kings classics:The Shining and 1408. Super creepy!

Although it was almost midnight, this day of travel was the
first of a 3-day trip, so we just had to go downtown for beer
and cocktails to start this mini vacay the right way. Luckily we
found a bar a couple of streets away with
cheap Caipirinhas and even a Tequila Sunrise, YASSS score!

Curious about our adventurous 2nd day in Italy?
Stay tuned for more love & delay from Venice!