This is the last part of the Venice Trilogy, about my 3-day trip to the city of romance, which resulted in a 1-day trip due to major delays and sucky flight times. Then again, sometimes that’s what you get when you want to travel super low budget and fetch one of cheap those holiday deals.

So in a nutshell: on day 1 my bf and I arrived in our hotel at almost
midnight. At day 2 we had an awesome, but stormy (tornado!), day in romantic Venice.
On day 3 we already had to catch an
early afternoon flight back to rainy Holland. After checking out of
our spooky, deserted hotel, we headed to the busstop to catch the bus back
to the airport. Of course, we just missed the bus and saw
it driving away just before we could hop on. The bus timetable told us
the next bus would arrive within an hour, so we decided to wait.
An hour had passed and still no bus. We got a little restless and
checked the timetable again, only to see that we had mistaken
and apparently this bus stopped every other 2 hours on that time
of day. The rest of the day it stopped every 1 hour, sigh. I decided to get some real
Italian cappuccino and on my way out of the
coffeeshop, a man held the door for me while saying
ciao, bella! (classic Italian thing no. 9, check!)

2 hours had passed and still no sign of an airport bus.
Our moods had changed from restless to really nervous, did this bus even exist?
Were we gonna miss our flight? Oh Dio! I tried calling the bus
company, but they gave me the silent treatment.
We had already bought our (not so cheap) bustickets so we really
didn’t want to catch a cab, but we were considering it,
since we were now waiting for 2.5 (!) hours already.
20 other buses had gone by already and I asked every
single busdriver: “Treviso airport?”. “No”, that bus is coming soon”
was the answer every single time. One busdriver got out and
started yelling in the most Italian way, classic rude hand gestures
and all, because this guy didn’t get a ticket for his luggage and
didn’t understand how to buy one. He yelled at the poor guy for
about 10 minutes. At least we had some entertainment while
waiting and saw a real Italian busdriver do the
cliché ‘fuck you’ gesture. (classic Italian thing no. 10, check!)


At that point the right bus had finally arrived and we could
continue our way back home. Arriving at Treviso airport,
we noticed that our flight was delayed, but only for 20 minutes or something.
Mood: still ok. After boarding we heard the pilot saying that
we couldn’t take off, because the airspace was too crowded
and we had to remain seated for about another hour.
Mood: not ok anymore. We finally landed at Brussels Airport, Belgium.
Normally we’d fly from Schiphol Airport, because that’s
15 minutes away from our hometown, but this holiday
deal made us fly all the way from Belgium and back.
Our transport back was by train. After an already delayed and long travel back, our
direct train to Amsterdam decided to abandon us, due to
railway work and we had to catch about 3 different trains
to get back home, all with long waits in the cold in between.
Gotta love cheap travelling! We arrived in Amsterdam at about midnight.

So basically our 3-day trip to Venice turned into 2 full days
of horrible travelling and 1 beautiful day in Venice. And the funny thing is:
Venice is just an 1,5 hour flight from Amsterdam. So note to self
and to all travel lovers: book your own trip and don’t rely on
cheap holiday deals. The low price may seduce you, but you
end up spending more time in airplanes, buses
and trains, then in the actual city you want to explore.

Safe travels!