You probably see them all around you, on your Instagram feed, commercial ads and on your yearly, well deserved vacation. No I’m not talking about super healthy, biological quinoa bowls, but about those giant, pink floatable flamingos. You either love ‘m or hate ‘m. Well I most definitely ADORE them and before my flight to the sunny island of Tenerife took off, of course I just had to order one of those cute, pink suckers.

My bags were all packed and the day of leaving this rainy, cold
country arrived. But there was one thing missing.
My beautiful, pink creature hadn’t arrive yet!
This was definitely every girl’s online shopping horror story,
the delivery failed to adjust to my vacation planning. As if!
So now I arrived at my holiday destination without my pretty, new pet.
The first day I dipped my carefully manicured toe in the swimming pool,
I already noticed a familiar, pink animal from the corner
of my eye. Some girl did had her online shopping deliveries
in check and flaunted around with a giant, pink, floatable flamingo.
MY flamingo! The nerve. The second day I went for a quick swim,
I even spotted a second pink floatie. I was crying on the inside,
knowing my own flamingo was tucked away in a dark, carton box,
all flat. Instead of floating on air in turquoise water, surrounded by tropical palmtrees.

Luckily I had brought Flammies (yes, I nicknamed my floatie) kiddo,
a miniature pink, cute floatable drinkholder in the form of a flamingo.
So I wasn’t all floata-less in a giant swimmingpool full of hipster floaties.
Although mini Flammie coulnd’t live up to the giant,
adult ones and my bf made fun of me and my pink floatie all day,
I was still going strong and having a floatable ball in the hotel pool.
Mini Flammie was always by my sunny side, in the pool, ocean, beach,
hotelbed and always holding a Tequila Sunrise or some other fancy, Pintarest worthy cocktail.

But on day three, I saw too much than I’d bargained for.
A huge, white, floatable Swan! Even bigger than two giant flamingos
combined. It was so big, the model-hired-by-Instagram didn’t
even get wet, while floating around in the middle of the pool.
She was having a painfully awkward photoshoot with her
photographers for the day (read: annoyed friends who just
wanted to swim and get some tan). If you didn’t pick up on my
super subtle sarcastic tone, yes I was totally hating her and her
giant swans guts. But I bravely took mini Flammie out for a fresh dip,
for 11 days in a row. My flamingo is way cooler than yours.

When I got home, there was a note in my mailbox, from our
neighbour. She received a package and I could come pick it up.
My heart raced, my body started to tingle as I ran through the
hallway as fast as I could. A big, carton box was handed to me,
while I rushed back to my apartment as happy as a kid on
Christmas Day. I ripped the tape of the package and saw a glimpse
of pink, peeking trough the carton. As I unwrapped the plastic, there it was.
A giant, pink, floatable flamingo. Flammie! I apologized to
the giant animal for not taking him to beautiful, sunny Tenerife.
He accepted, but only if I promised I would take him somewhere
even more tropical and watery next time. Deal!

If you’re wondering about Flammies whereabouts now, he’s currently residing
on top of my bed during the day, and on my laundry rack during the night.
He also makes a pretty good sockdryer, while in between vacations.

Keep your float on!