As an unlucky girl fighting against the universe, I’m not only fighting
against lost ATM-cards, bikes and phones. I’m also always
fighting against flu and cold warriors, trying to attack
my body every single year. As a result, I get sick. A lot.
More than the average human being, as told by
my manager at the office. I can’t help it, I don’t like being sick,
who likes being sick a lot?

It always starts with an innocent sneeze, then a little bit of sniffles
and a sore throat, And before I know it, the flu warriors have completely
taken over my body and soul and I start coughing like a sea lion on leave.
And it’s not a cute, little sickness cough, it’s a full on loud as
f*ck, gagging cough with some vomit at the end if I’m lucky, I basically
sound like an 80 year old, pipe smoking construction worker.
This cough is so loud and gross, that I’m even afraid to go outside,
because people might think that an air-raid siren is going off. It sucks.

So if you’re also sick a lot, or you’re even sick right now,
read my  “4 reasons why you should be sick more often” below.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

1 No
 grocery shopping for a week

Does anyone actually likes grocery shopping? Personally I’m not a
big fan of fighting over the last bottle of prosecco, standing in a huge
line to pay and biking home, balancing  3 plastic bags stuffed
with food, with one of them always bursting, leaving
my oranges and glass cans all over the street. Usually broken.
So when you’re sick, you can send your bf/mum/brother on a mission
to get all the things you need, like tea, honey and orange juice,
without feeling any guilt. No more trips to the supermarket for at least a week, yay!

2 Catch up on your favorite book or serie

Being sick means you can’t leave your bed or couch, sounds horrible right? Wrong!
When you have to stay in bed, all you can do is finally finish that exciting
novel you started on months ago. Or binge-watch the entire
new season of Stranger Things (awesome show by the way)
or even watch 3 movies in a row. And the good part is: no one can say
anything about it, because you know, you’re sick and sad and in need of entertainment.


3 No cooking for a week

I for one, am a person who doesn’t enjoy cooking, I actually really hate it.
I know I have to eat, so that’s the only reason why I occasionally cook,
when my cook-loving bf is not around. When on bed rest,
you possibly can’t get up to stand by the stove and go
to town with pots and pans, you simply can’t. So it’s your bf’s/mums/brother’s
duty to whip you up some homemade chicken soup for dinner
and bring you hot tea every other hour. In the meantime
you can continue to watch Stranger Things. Think of all the time
you safe not cooking and doing something productive!

4 Develop your skills

When you’re down with the flu and have a serious fever, the only
thing you can do is rest, take lots of vitamins and sleep it off.
But when you’re feeling a little bit better,
but still not good enough to go back to
work or school, you can definitely use your ‘free time’
to finally start that blog you’re talking about for years or work on
your poetry skills. Maybe you’re a killer gamer,
so set up a livestream to show the world how
you kick ass on GTA5. Make sure to start broadcasting after you
get back to work again, so you’re boss won’t think you weren’t actually sick.
You can even learn how to play your favorite song
on your guitar by watching Youtube tutorials.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

So in conclusion, being sick does have it’s perks,
you just have to see them to make them work for you.

Stay healthy!